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Meet De Chocolage


My name is Marjo Stals, founder and chocolatier of De Chocolage, located in the South of the Netherlands. In 2016 I started working from a chocolate studio in the trendy district of Strijp-S in Eindhoven. From there I moved on and opened a shop with production in the van Dissellaan 6 in Bladel, not far from the Belgian border.  


I gained my experience in Bahrain where I lived for 35 years. Since 2005 I produced chocolate for the Shaikhs of Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi-Arabia and for Gulf Air First Class. It gave me the perfect opportunity to develop chocolate with a distinctive taste,  incorporating my own carefully developed Moorish recipes. 


Born out of pure passion for chocolate, but totally different!  With a “dash of the Extreme” a Moorish touch!


What is chocolate with a “Moorish touch”?


Totally different from ordinary chocolate, intense and pure in taste.

Made with high quality raw material, combined with cardamom, saffron, rose petals, originating from the Moorish cuisine and crafted in its purest form.

Imagine yourself living the tales of one thousand and one nights. Chocolate leaving behind an everlasting impression on those who crave Artisan food and drink.


De Chocolage proudly introduces this new concept of totally different chocolate to the Netherlands. Hand-crafted and unique in the world.  We guarantee continuity of our product.  After all, it became an unstoppable passion.


Unique, totally different, an unforgettable experience.


Marjo Stals

De Chocolage