General Terms and Conditions




Here you can read and check out our General terms and conditions for the Webshop.

Not only the authorities create rules to secure the safety of your purchase. We as web shopkeeper like to inform you about our general terms and conditions.


By accepting the General terms and conditions Webshop an agreement has been entered into between us and yourselves as a customer. However, prior to agreeing to our General terms and conditions we kindly request you to carefully study these terms and conditions and to take notice of our way of operating procedures. This can prevent awkward situations! In case you need clarification about our terms and conditions you can contact us. Article 1 – Webshop 1.1. The Webshop is registered with the Chamber of Commerce and pays its statutory contributions to the tax authorities. You will find our Chamber of Commerce registration number as well as our VAT number on our website as well as our contact details. 1.2 Our Webshop is marked with an SLL-Certificate. This means that we are complying with all legal requirements with regards to the protection of your personal data and payment details. We strive to a continuous improvement of securing your personal data. Hackers abuse will be reported by us to the police. 1.3. We never distribute your personal data to third parties. In case we would do so we will always seek your prior approval 1.4. Since 5th June 2012, our Webshop is obliged to request permission concerning cookies. You will read more about this in our cookie policy. 1.5. We are obliged, to report any possible suspicion or fraud to the police. The Webshop has taken out a professional liability insurance in the event of possible unjust liability claimed by one of its customers. 1.7.1 We strive to provide you with an excellent service at all times. In case of any doubt regarding the purchase of a product, our employees will gladly address you. 1.8 You can subscribe to our newsletter and will be informed every fortnight of our offers. Article 2 – Grace period. 2.1. You will receive a 14 days grace period after making a purchase of a certain product. In case, within this given time, you are not satisfied about the purchase, you may return the product to us, without having to pay for it. You only pay shipping costs for returning the respective product. In case you already conducted payment you will receive a credit note for the amount  paid by you and the same amount will be refunded to your bank account number. 2.2 Products returned to us are to be returned in their original packaging. 2.3. There are certain products that cannot be returned to us. Products that cannot be returned to us are food products, magazines and booked travels by yourselves. In case of cd’s and dvd’s the seal should not be broken. If the seal is broken, unfortunately we cannot refund any money, or undo the purchase. Article 3 – The agreement 3.1. The agreement between the Webshop and the customer becomes definite once the customer has agreed to accept the general terms and conditions and once he has authorized the Webshop to withdraw the money from his account, once the customer made payment through iDEAL or Paypal, or once an invoice was sent to the customer afterwards. After the grace period of 14 days and payment is received by the Webshop, the customer became the owner of the respective product. 3.2. The agreement was generated electronically by filling in the concerned fields and by agreeing to the general terms and conditions. 3.3 You, as a customer are obliged to honour your payment obligation towards the Webshop. In the event of non-payment within the set time, you will receive a reminder. If, in case you still did not pay after 14 days, you will be charged with an extra surcharge. If, in case, after several reminders, the owed claim is not settled by you, we will hand over the collection to a collection agency. 3.4. After having made your official purchase, you will receive a written confirmation of your purchase by email. This email contains the product you purchased, the cost and how you can reach us for possible complaints and/or remarks. 3.5. We are obliged to deliver the purchase to you within 30 days. If, due to any unforeseen circumstances the product cannot be delivered to you, we shall inform you accordingly, in writing. In case you already paid we will return the purchase amount to you after a lapse of 30 days. This will never amount to more than 50% of the total purchase amount. However, if you have indicated that a substitute product is an option, we will send you a

Substitute product, that will suit your requirements. Of course, you can indicate to us beforehand whether or not you like that. 3.6. The delivery of products made to abroad may take longer than a delivery made within the Netherlands. The shipping costs charged towards an address abroad will be clearly visible once you decide to make your purchase. Article 4 – The price 4.1. The prices as mentioned on our Webshop are always including VAT. The costs to be paid for the shipment of the product become visible once you added the product to your shopping cart. 4.2. Once you authorize us to withdraw a certain amount from your bank account, you are obliged to submit a proper account number to us. Abuse and/or fraud is punishable and will be reported to the subsequent authorities. In addition, a statement will be sent to the police. 4.3. The price as mentioned on the website cannot be changed during your purchase. You pay the amount shown  at the product, and this amount will be confirmed to you, in case you electronically agree with the purchase. This electronic agreement will once again show the purchase price. 4.4. When you purchase a product during a period where no special offers count, you will not be eligible to receive any discount afterwards. Article 5 – Complaints and guarantee. 5.1. Complaints with regards to  the delivery are firstly to be reported to us by telephone. Our employees will be there to speak to you. We shall then get in touch with the respective deliverer concerning the delivery of the products. Certainly, our deliverers do their utmost to deliver the products to your delivery address without any damage. 5.2. Complaints regarding the products itself are to be submitted to us in writing. These complaints cannot be personally answered by us. Describe your complaint as clearly as possible. We will contact the manufacturer or the wholesale and we will act as an intermediate for you. In case we are able to do so, we shall solve the problem for you ourselves. 5.3. Complaints are usually dealt with by us, within 14 days. Handling complaints will always be done in writing. After a complaint is settled you will subsequently receive a survey with regards to the handing of the complaint. We kindly request you to fill in this survey and to return it to us. It is our aim to provide you with the best service ever at all times. 5.4 Each product delivered to you is subjected to a guarantee. The duration of the guarantee fully depends on the product. Most products carry a guarantee of one year. If this varies, you can read this in the written confirmation that you will receive from us together with the product you purchased, as well as on the invoice that will be sent to you by email. On consumables and products for use such as distribution presents we can only hand out a limited guarantee.

In case you discover a discrepancy and/or a defect on one of our products, we request you to inform us within 48 hours after delivery. 5.5. Once the product breaks down within the guarantee period, we shall refund you the full purchase amount. However, this will not be honoured once it becomes clear that the damage is self-inflicted and/or damaged on purpose. Additionally we kindly request you to contact your insurance company, in case damage occurs after the term of guarantee. Possibly it may be claimed from the contents insurance. For both cases counts that without a valid purchase ticket there cannot be a refund. 

After expiry of the guarantee period the actual purchase value will expire upon payment of a refund.

Payment will be made based on the value of the day. If you agree to the General terms and conditions Webshop, we kindly request you to tick the box. Without ticking the box, no agreement can be initiated.    

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy your purchase! In case you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us